Thursday, August 15, 2013



Oh man.. WHat to say about WA? It was so awesome! We headed up to WA for my brother's wedding on August 1, but got there a week early to just play and celebrate with family. We ended up bringing Erin and Jake with us to Washington because that's where Erin served her mission and she wanted to show Jake and as a bonus they got a free ride. It was super nice to have them around with all the crazy kids running around... they even babysat everybody twice for us (was super nice for me to not have to worry about my kids during the wedding). Before the wedding though we got to go up to Squim and Port Townsend and drive through our favorite drive through zoo and ride a ferry! Laine thought that he was in Heaven as a bunch of cousins and Grandpa and Grandma went through the drive through zoo together. He loved the waving bears.. I do need to mention that while I was taking Chad's picture a cow came through my window and licked my hair- needless to say I screamed and jumped about a mile and had some nasty slime hair. While we were visiting the coast that day Jake proposed to Erin and they are plannning on getting hitched December 21 this year. Weddings.... weddings... Tanner's wedding went really well I thought- and was really pretty. I love my brother and I'm happy for him to start on this next stage of life. Visiting WA was to much fun- I miss it and all the family up there. To bad we live so far away right now to visit any time soon... 27hour drive to Omaha from there.

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