Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everybody is Happy Happy Happy

On our way to WA for my brother's wedding we decided it would be a great idea to stay in Idaho for a week or so and see old friends and family. Kelli was nice enough to let us stay in her basement the whole time even though she was due with baby any day. The little man didn't seem to want to come on time though so they induced her and baby Jack Aaron Bodily came into this world on July 19th with lots of grins and hair. It was so fun to get to be there while all the excitement was happening. The pictures of us at the park are while we are trying to not be in everyone's way- mainly Kelli and Andrew's so they could enjoy their new baby on their own- so we are playing at Smith Park in Rexburg next to the hospital to give them a breather. We did get a chance to see Tanner while in Rexburg before he left home to see his soon to be wifey and saw Hannah and Stuart and... the Toberman clan. We love Sharlee and Josh and Kaylee and new little Paxton and it worked out nice that we got to go to Josh's graduation from BYU-I while we were there. Overall trip to Idaho was super fun and it was great to go back and visit not just people we love, but a place we will always love.

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