Thursday, August 15, 2013

Allergic to Colorado?

For the first part of our summer (after moving our stuff out to Omaha) we got to live with Bart and Leslie in Colorado again while Chad worked as a Dental Assistant for his Dad. It was awesome... we had tons of fun hangout/bothering grandma :-) all day and swimming with James and Anne in the pool while Grandpa and Daddy were at work. Laine even got super lucky and Erin came up for a few days to visit with her boyfriend Jake (Jacob Pfleger) and we got to go to a museum and watch an IMAX movie on Sharks and Laine and Amy both thought that was pretty cool. Also... While in Colorado we decided to make our lives more stressful and buy a van. Yeah it's gold, but it's pretty awesome! We bought it in Colorado Springs though and that was a mistake because in order to get free services done on it we had to keep driving it back and forth and that got old real fast. They other bummer that happened was right when it came time for us to leave town... We found out Laine is Allergic to "Tree Nuts." Some of Chad's siblings are allergic to "tree nuts" (for example- cashews, pistachios, macadamias and a few more strange ones) but neither of us are so that was strange to be sitting in the car shop waiting room down in Colorado Springs and have Laine eat a cashew and start throwing up everywhere and then turning red and swelling everywhere the nut had touched on his little body. It was sad but we took him to the hospital and soon all was well. The drugs they gave him knocked him out for a while and when he came back to he asked us for a chocolate milkshake so we knew all was well. Hopefully we wont have to do that again though... thank goodness for today's medical technology.

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