Friday, June 21, 2013

New Home in Omaha

Our new house was scary at first-- The people that lived there before us certainly had different ideas on what sanitary means. Thankfully, since we did purchase the home we got to pick out the colors for the walls and trim and paid to get the whole house repainted and recarpeted so we could start out from a CLEAN slate. It was fun to actually pick the carpet I wanted and the colors I wanted instead of the usual move into an apartment and you get what's there. After all the hussel and bussel of the paint and carpet getting done my house still would not look as good if I didn't have my Dad or my Mom there helping. My goodness those two are great! My Dad had to get "inventive" since there was no dishwasher before and no built in microwave. We all helped, but he certainly got to fix sooo many things and installing a new dishwasher and microwave were just some of his many tasks that he was given. Chad was great and became a true handy-man as he helped out my Dad and finished so many of his individual assignments (example: drilling new holes and putting new knobs on all the cabinets and closet doors) his wife was handing out to everyone so freely :-) After all was said and done though... I love our new home! In these pictures the house is not fully set-up, but it's to help give you an idea of our new home. Also, I do need to mention without my mom cleaning and organizing our stuff and helping watch our kids and my wonderful husband who was very helpful and calm the whole time, and my DAD's amazing skills, talents and time- I don't think I would have lasted. I would still be in the process of moving from AZ.  Without Chad who basically packed up our entire last place by himself and my parents helping him move us in- I would be lost! Our kids like our new house and it's nice they actually have a playroom. Thanks Mom and Dad and Chad! I love our new House and it's because you three helped put it together!

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  1. Congratulations! The house looks beautiful i love the colors you painted the walls and the carpet choice looks beautiful and like it will handle kids well if you know what i mean. :) its So good to see how you guys are doing Mitchell and i talked about playing rook they other day and thought of your family! Congrats again you guys deserve the best!