Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Gardens... Amy has hair?

 It get's a little humid here so walking outside isn't always the best idea unless you are going first thing in the morning. On occasion though I will go later and we endure the stickiness and will go down to our neighborhood gardens where we have a free membership. It's pretty and they have some nice flowers there, but best of all is the "Train Garden." You can walk up this wooden plank and stand in the middle of 6 mini trains going at the same time. It's a childs wonderland- what am I saying it's me that loves it too. Laine and Amy could stay there for a long time and the problem is so could I so we always take our time at the "train station" at the Gardens! Also, I did want to show off that right after we moved here I could get Amy's hair into french braids :-) 

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