Thursday, September 19, 2013

Living Next to Wild Animals

My Kids are Wonderful! We live right up the street from the zoo and we love our membership there! Since we've lived here I'm pretty sure we have been to the zoo at least every other week. The best part is the Omaha Zoo has such a variety of animals and "houses" for them that we get to discover new things almost everytime we go. This last time we went though I was attacked by a gorilla! That man gorilla you see in the picture charged the glass and jumped and pounded on the glass at me.. everyone there was shocked- especially me! Come to find out in later weeks this is not to uncommon for the gorillas if they feel you are intimidating their space so that's how they show dominance of something? Anyway, that was pretty awesome and Laine keeps talking about that and the monkey's with the "pink-bums." It's super nice having a zoo so close though... we sure love any chance we have to be outside!

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