Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Smelling the Flowers

 My goodness life is just super fun right now! Laine and Amy are the best kids ever and we get to have lots of family fun. The picture with all of us at the top is from our camping trip we went on to Memphis Lake where we got to roast marshmellow's and eat some oatmeal and have to good quality family time... Also Chad got to fish while the kids and I spotted lots of frogs (mostly their eyes) in the water. As for what we do on a daily basis I'd say these pictures give a pretty good idea... Amy talks a lot and can say everything mostly repeating right now and mimicking, but will say stuff when she needs to. Laine is completely potty trained now for a little while and if he has an accident like in these pictures he has to throw away a binky (he doesn't like that) and not get to replace it. I like this method because I'm solving two problems with this solution. We like to play with a lot of other kids here at VG and these are Laine's friends Cody, Gwen and Nora.

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