Wednesday, October 30, 2013

James and Grandma Leslie Treat Us!

Grandma Leslie and James came out to visit us before Halloween and oh boy were we spoiled, and had so much fun! Laine and Amy were talking about Grandma coming for weeks and so we thought they would never come, but they sure did! They went to the zoo with us and took us to Valla's and Laine and Amy got to stay up late some nights and eat popcorn and cookies with Grandma and James and you can't beat that :-) Needless to say Amy and Laine were heartbroken when they realized that after saying goodbye to Grandma before church that she really wasn't going to be there that day or the next or even the next when they kept asking. Amy was pretty smitten with James and Laine sure loves his Grandma so we sure love when they come calling. It's so nice to have family visit!

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