Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spicing Up Life

So I feel like I have a ton of pictures of my kids sleeping and it's usually cause Sunday's Laine get's completely worn out in nursery (they have gym time here) and then he takes himself down to the basement where we read books or turn on a church show and he just plops out :-) As for the fabric you see I've been working on adding a little color into my house so I sewed for pillow covers and made some box shelves which should be going up on the wall in the next day or two, but these are the steps. Also Amy has an obsession with going potty and loves to sit on the potty and pretend she is going. The funny part is whenever I ask her if she's done she reply's "it's coming- it's coming" and then continues to excitedly talk about pee-pee and potty and all that great stuff. She's pretty cute and basically ready for potty training for showing all the interest, but am I? hmmm....

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