Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So for Halloween Laine was Super Why this year even though he heavily debated the idea of being Captain Hook... Since I'm there mother and Amy loves "Princess" I thought I woud try and cordinate their costumes by making her Princess Presto aka Princess Pea off of Super Why. So I tried to add green into her costume by sewing on green ribbon and placing green jewels in her crown and wand, but even with my amazing talents... I'm afraid with out the dark skin and hair she still looked far from her character. Amy loved trick-or-treating though and was trying to snag seconds at every door and Laine was being his usual nervous nelly at first and wouldn't go to any doors, but once he got used to it the night went awesome! Needless to say with Amy taking seconds and going to more doors then Laine when we got home her bucket seemed to be slightly more full... good thing she doesn't know about greediness yet :-)

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