Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Training

It's super fun being able to live right where all the Spring Training is happening. It only cost us about 10$ for our family to go sit on the lawn and watch the games. This game was the San Diego Padres vs. the good ol' Seattle Mariners. These games are more fun to watch because they are supposed "tryouts" so mistakes are made :-) Mariners didn't play that well, but we stilled cheered for them.
  We had a little bit of a scare right before we left to this game though as Laine drank half a bottle of cold medicine... We called Poison Control and they told us to basically keep a good eye on him. At the game he had all sorts of energy and kept wandering off, but when we left on our road trip later I guess in some ways it was kind of nice he was drugged (only can say this now cause he was ok)- he might've been a little more hyper than usual earlier, but slept for many hours while we drove :-)

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