Saturday, March 9, 2013

Uncle Tanner is Home

Getting ready for Disneyland trip that's coming up! Hooray! Uncle TP (Tanner) is home from his mission in Brazil and we got to see him at the airport via "facetime." He looks great and I'm excited to see him come April in Disneyland with ALL the family. You can't really tell at all in these pictures, but Amy's dress has Minni Mouse on it (got it for her birthday) and Laine's shirt has Mickey. We also decided to weigh and measure them for fun to see what rides they could go on. Come to find out they're not that different. Laine is 37.5in and 31.5lbs... while Amy is 32.5in. and 26lbs. Ps. Picture of me with "Rookie-Magic" was taken for John who has been out on a mission for almost 3 weeks.

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