Saturday, March 9, 2013

Break Party

For the week break Chad had from school we decided to head up to Colorado and visit the Christiansen Folk. It was super fun! We even got to see snow... never thought I'd say those words after living in Rexburg. James and Anne had two snow days while we were there so we go to hang out with them quite a bit. James had a few State Basketball games that we were able to go to, So fun! Bummer they lost that second game though... Amy had her birthday party while there and was so cute as she blabs to people and attempts to walk along holding our hands. She is kind of bossy though and likes to have things her way, but we let her on her birthday and I believe she enjoyed that. We were able to take advantage of free babysitters and got to shoot lots of guns, attend the temple, and go out to dinner. Thanks Christiansen Folk :->

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