Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Notice Laine in Dryer?

 Mess= My everyday :-) Laine and Amy love snacks, but I'm not sure why snacks at the table is not thought of as awesome...? In the first pictures I was talking with Laine about how fun it is that he can have a table his size to eat at. I then went to put Amy down for her nap and came back out and he had set up a whole "party" for himself. He found a burp cloth spread it out underneath his food so he could keep his cool, Laine size table clean. I then asked him "why all the spoons?" and he told me that the handle's kept getting dirty so he kept having to replace them. What a NEAT boy! =) Then later as you can see he forgets about how clean is cool and he and Amy go crazy. Why is it that a mess just can't handle staying in one spot? As soon as it's in one room it's basically in all the rooms because of how Amy scoots across the floor, but what about the places I know she hasn't been? Today while I was in the shower Laine came in and told me he had spilt his drink and needed to know how to help his "mess." I told him where the paper-towels were and told him to just take a few. I walked out of the shower to find... he was trying to clean the whole place with paper-towels. Funny thing about kids is they have such good intentions sometimes, but it just looks so different from the parent that has to clean it up :-) These last few pictures are of a new poop-mat I made so I can at least try and avoid all "poop-messes." In the End Though You Just Can't Help, but LOVE those hoodlums.

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  1. LOVE the mat you made!!! That is seriously so cute. And I love the paper towel mess. So cute. It makes me smile. Kids are such work sometimes, but sooooo wonderful and so cute and so pure. We are so blessed to be moms, even through the craziness. I miss you!