Monday, February 4, 2013


 My Parents were able to come and visit us for a quick week and it was so fun to have them here. Unfortunately it did rain a few days while they were here... so much for leaving Seattle area eh? One day while they were here we went to a "Jungle Jill" show and she brought in all these different animals. Laine was a little unsure about touching the animals and having them so close when Amy can't wait to touch them. We also had lots of fun going hot tubing lots :-) Here are some ducks in our pool... Thanks Mom and Dad for coming it was so much fun!

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  1. I want to visit you in AZ! It is too bad that it is such a long drive... it feels like it should be much closer. I'm glad mom and fath got to go though. Looked like fun! Love you and miss you!