Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Need You Boo

 Laine and Amy are so funny together. Laine can get Amy rolling with laughter sometimes, but does get  annoyed with her occasionally. Lately Laine has been calling Amy "boo" we're not sure why.  He knows her name is Amy if you ask him but while they're playing together,  common phrases of... 
"come on boo" 
 "hey boo hey" 
"go away boo" 
are directed right to Amy :-).  Most the time she's the one that's a little dramatic and gets annoyed of Laine and enjoys screaming for help before Laine even gets to her... Needless to say she's a little bit more of the trouble maker. Both my kids are so sweet and easy going for the most part that a little teasing here and there is good for them. This castle was a present we got for Christmas from Heather's Family (sister) and boy is it a hit! First at my mom's house all the kids were fighting over it and even had 6 of the grand-kids in it eating popcorn at one point. We sure do love our castle, but the arguing and getting frustrated seems to continue here at our house... so I get to play referee a little bit. *As a side note- my kids love those applesauce packets. Oh, and Laine took the picture of his toys by himself.

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