Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Potty Rocks

 Laine loves to go potty and get a treat afterward. He has been going pee in his potty during the day now for a little under a week with no problems, HURRAY! At first I was giving him candy after every time he went pee in his little "dino-poty" (yes it's a frog, but we like dine-o-saurs around here) but began to run out of candy fast as he mastered it quickly. He loves to tell me he has to go potty and then we run in and he Goes! So far this has been a pleasant experience, but I did have to do the "Chart" thing so I could keep up with the prizes. Now he gets to go three times and put 3 shapes on his chart before he gets to pick a prize from his box. I'm not too hopeful, but this has been a super nice week and he now wears Pull-Ups! Mommy Wow he's a big boy now!  

1 comment:

  1. Way to go! i am not even trying to think about potty training yet, i am glad that you're having a good experience with it!