Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Time is HERE

I LOVE FALL- maybe it's a good thing my name is Autumn :-) It's so nice to have it be a little less humid, and feel the crisp air here, with the leaves falling all around.  Not too far from our house is an orchard called Ditmar's where you can go play, pick pumpkins and of course get homemade donuts and other things. This year we used a groupon and rode on a wagon to go pick our pumpkins and the kids seemed to really like that. They loved picking out their own pumpkins- Laine kept wanting a gord and Amy just wanted a "baby" one. It was so fun to spend some family time outside! I just can't get enough of fall. It's funny that I love Fall so much because Chad is typically missing half of our Saturdays out hunting, but he loves it and is usually back by noon so we don't mind. Yay for Fall!

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