Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring is in the Air

I have recently been called as a YW President in our ward and keep pretty busy with that and with all the hair I keep doing here. It's great that I get to keep up on my skills and get paid a little bit to help support our family in any way I can. We live in the best place and I would never want to change any of that-- we have so many friends here and everyone is just to willing to help others out it's great. The bottom picture has Amy, Nora, Laine, Austin and Raf (Wes not pictured) who we babysit every third saturday and we get to trade and go out the other two saturdays. Also other pictures are of the playground here that we play at a lot and the Creighton Basketball Game Chad went to and his wonderful class2 project ;-) Also Chad's hobby- guns! and bow hunting and last but not least our walks that we like to go on up to the trains! :-) 

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