Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random, Random

So lately I've been making healthier food with oatmeal instead of flour and honey instead of sugar and coconut oil instead of butter. So far things have cooked a little funnier and had different textures then what I'm used to, but have tasted great! These are a few pictures that I have had forever and need to post. It's us eating snacks and going on walks, which seems to be a daily occurrence around here. We have a few different parks within walking distance that we like... Laine sure does love the park and being with friends. Among his favorites here are the Snow Family (Madison and Lucy) and the Leotas (Kenni and Addi) and that's been fun that he asks to see them lots. Just too bad it's already getting hot here, but luckily there is a pool here so that will just have to take precedence over the park now. Laine still pottys on the potty, but has an occasional accident... Amy is starting to walk lots with her walker and loving it so we're hoping she walks soon. Chad and I are getting excited to move and working on plans and paperwork for that. Chad is excelling at school and I couldn't be more proud at how he finds the time to be an awesome Family Man and get straight A's in his hardcore Medical Masters Program.  

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